Paper Voting

COOPBallot has supported millions of co-op members voting in elections across the U.S.

The traditional method for handling voting is using paper ballots and COOPBallot supports this approach. COOPBallot provides a complete solution including printing and mailing ballots if desired. A United States Post Office mailbox and a Business Reply Mail Permit are included to facilitate receiving paper ballots.

Paper ballots can be custom designed for each election based on the requirements of the co-op.

As each paper ballot is received, it is typed into a data entry screen by two people independently. This permits cross-checking of all entries and if a discrepancy occurs it will be resolved by examining the ballot in the presence of a third person. Ballots will be entered into the system as they are received and the date and time of each entry will be recorded in the database. The paper ballots will be stored in a fire-resistant safe for a period based on the record retention policy of the co-op.

The paper ballots can be validated using a member number, signature, unique PIN or other methods. The identifier can be entered on the ballots by the voting member or preprinted on each ballot.

Duplicate voting by any member, regardless of method, is detected and prevented.