Save Time and Money with Board Elections

COOPBallot provides independent voting services to co-ops. Developed and tested in real voting environments, COOPBallot offers the unique customization to handle any election issue or process.

An election is the perfect time to remind members they own the co-op. Let every member know their opinion matters and allow them to cast their ballot by computer, tablet, smartphone, telephone, or paper. We even support voting via Facebook to give every member the option to participate anytime, anywhere.

Select the combination of options that works best for your membership.
No matter which methods your members use, all votes are recorded, verified, and tabulated according to each co-op's requirements by an independent outside entity. Duplicate voting is detected and prevented across all methods. Customized reports provide certified election results.

Our process is specifically designed to make everything as easy as possible for your membership and for you.

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