Paper Ballots

A popular method for handling voting is using paper ballots and we support this option. An independent United States Post Office mailbox and a Business Reply Mail Permit facilitate receiving paper ballots. We can assist you in developing the ballot, or simply provide a PDF image of the return envelope for you to include with the ballot. You handle as much or as little of the process of preparing and sending the voting information as you wish.

Each ballot received is typed into an entry screen by two different employees. This permits cross checking of all entries and if a discrepancy occurs it is resolved by examining the original ballot in the presence of a third employee. The ballots are stored in accordance with your record retention policies. All ballots are recorded in the system (even if they are not counted based on the rules supplied by the client), so an electronic copy of the ballots is also maintained. At no time will the client have access to any information that will permit them to determine the voting of an individual.