Internet Voting provides an independent, secure web site with a unique, co-branded web address that is specific to the Client election. The site design and functionality is user-friendly. Members will enjoy the ease and convenience of voting on-line anytime of any day. It's as simple as point and click.

All communication with the site is performed using up to 256 bit encryption to achieve the highest level of security. The site supports multiple forms of validating a voter including:

  • Unique Member ID (combination of Member data)
  • System Generated PIN

Unique Member IDs can be comprised of member account numbers, birth dates, social security numbers, or portions of the data, as identified by the Client conducting the election.

For even higher security, E Space Communications can generate unique PINs for all eligible Members. This option ensures each Member can be authenticated, without utilizing any sensitive data of the Member.

To prevent repeat voting by one person, the unique Member ID is recorded. At no time will our Client have access to any information that will permit staff or volunteer to determine the voting of an individual member.